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Details of the Battle

Details of the Battle

On May 12th, 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered the invasion of France. The German Army employed 136 divisions and 2,500 tanks in its invasion of France. The Germans had 3,000 aircraft against the allies 1,400.

On the May 14th, 1940, the German tanks led by General Heinz Guderian had invaded Meuse and had opened up a a fifty-mile gap in the Allied front. 6 days later Winston Churchhill heard and ordered the plan called dynamo. The plan was to get english troops and artillery out of the port on Dunkirk.

Adolf Hitler had made the decision to listen to General Gerd von Rundstedt to hold of the tanks till infantry divisions could catch up so that they could make a decent attack on the allied troops.

Between 27th May and 4th June, 1940, a total of 693 ships (39 Destroyers, 36 Minesweepers, 77 trawlers, 26 Yachts and a variety of other small craft) brought back 338,226 people back to Britain.